You probably already think I’m a bit weird or strange. Well, now you are going to think I am completely certifiable! I just received my first shipment of green coffee. I went to the shop this morning to bag up some greens and bring back home where I can sample roast them. Nothing odd so far, right? Well, here is where it gets a little crazy. I have said it many times before, but I am a romantic. I love things that appeal to the senses; the smell of baking bread, a powerful lyric in a song, real wood burning in a real fireplace, etc. Standing in the shop this morning and looking at those few burlap bags of green coffee that are mine, brought back a thousand memories. I wished so badly that I was there to roast them. I could almost hear Led Zeppelin playing “Whole Latta Love,” accented by the sound of dad’s old grocery store scoop diving into those green beans (yeah, I brought that along too!). I could envision the beans snapping as they spilled from the drum roaster into the cooling bin, accompanied by a billow of smoke, the flame dancing under the drum.roasting

I opened up a bag of Natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffee Konga and the aroma blew me away…berries! I kid you not, the aroma of berries was so powerful that you could almost taste it. I wanted to bottle it as perfume. I wanted to burry my face in the bag. I wanted to cry. IMG_1712

I used to roast coffee about 20 hours a week or so on a 20lb roaster. I was surrounded by dozens of bags of greens and I have sat in front of my roaster for 12 hours strait many days, churning out hundreds of pounds of fresh coffee a week. I have turned my climate controlled 65 degree shop into a 90+ degree sweat shop from the heat off my machine. Sometimes if felt like a chore. Sometimes a drudgery, or just another manufacturing job. Today…it felt like home.




3 thoughts on “Home

  1. No to the truck. So much to do, so little time. I may go with a trailer instead. Some neat trucks out there, but I’m a bit worried about taking them long distance. Someone told me you might know someone who does a good job making videos? I’m looking for someone.

    Come visit us sometime.

    1. Daniel Pickett Photography is primarily a portrait photographer, but I’ve seen video work he has done for Chad Teders of Wells Fargo, and it’s amazing. Matt Ruedlinger of RRR Marketing does websites, which I know you do your own, but he also does search engine optimization. Highly recommend! Check out my website. allmanpestcontrol.com. Lots of flash, not enough content. I’m meeting with Matt tomorrow to help me put it all together.

      I hope all is well with you and Lori. I stay in contact with Kristin and Cailin on Facebook. I don’t know whether you saw it, but they posted really nice comments about you on Fathers Day. I know how proud you are of them.


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