New Web Home for Motorhead Coffee

Just a brief update to let you know the website for Motorhead Coffee is now floating out there in “the cloud” somewhere. The site is up, but far from finished. Very little content has been added and there is no “buy” option yet. That should come by next weekend. The front page currently carries a stock photo. I am setting up a photo shoot now to replace it. My rough guess is that within two weeks it will be fully functioning.

Motorhead Coffee

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 3.37.21 PMMy first shipment of green coffee has arrived at the roastery, so I only need one more thing…customers!




2 thoughts on “New Web Home for Motorhead Coffee

  1. Ready to order some medium roast and some unleaded (we’re trying to reduce our caffeine intake). Also, do you have any logo merchandise yet? Is the site set up for orders?

  2. Should be able to order by the weekend…I hope. Lots to do and little time. I made a T and a “mechanics shirt” as trials. T shirts to come soon; mechanics shirts are pricey, so that may take a bit. Plan to have some diner mugs before long and travel mugs as well.

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