I’ve got an Itch

Have you ever felt like your body was craving something? No, I don’t mean Godiva chocolate or a cold beer, although both sound pretty good! I mean, have you ever had a moment when it seemed like you literally “needed” something and until you got it, you were not going to feel right? I suppose those of us who are coffee drinkers could say we feel that every morning, but I’m talking about a craving that goes even beyond that. Hard to put into words, but I imagine you have all been there and know what I’m talking about.

Well, I’ve got a craving. Call it an itch that really needs to be scratched. Last September I climbed on my Street Triple and headed to Asheville for the better part of a week. I rode the mountain passes by day and sipped craft beer at the Thristy Monk at night. Taking that trip was like drinking from a fountain of the coolest water on the planet. It was more refreshing than you can imagine…one of those moments you just want to freeze in time.

To be fair, I just returned from a week’s vacation, bumming the beaches of Naples, so I should be good to go. However, I’ve got to tel you, the only way to scratch my travel itch is on two wheels. My friend Matt just told me he is heading out on a road trip and I am jealous! I want to tag along. I have no reason to go, other than I “need” to. I need to feel the wind against my body, smell the fresh cut grass and the smoke from an early morning wood fire. I need to feel the dynamic push of gravity as I traverse a mountain road, left, then right, then back left again. I need to feel the “lean.” I need to see the early fog settling over the mountains of the Blue Ridge and feel the temperature change as I go from 1,000 ft above sea level to 5,000 feet. I need motion. DSC_0050I need to sit down along side a vista or a mountain stream, pull out my Jet Boil and brew up a fresh cup of coffee, then sit in quiet, sipping the brew, while enjoying the peace that only the simple life can offer. IMG_0929

I’m an odd guy and I know it. I can’t really explain any of this to anyone except fellow motorcycle riders and globe trotting vagabonds, and they don’t need an explanation. I guess, like Springsteen, I was “born to run”…and do I ever want to run right now!

I’m doing my best to behave. You know, fulfill all my “social” obligations and such, but the itch just keeps getting stronger. There is no Benadryl or Calamine lotion made that can resolve my problem. There is only one way to scratch this itch…and sooner or later I’m going to give in! DCIM100GOPRO




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