One Step Closer

I’m on vacation this week, letting the “beach bum” in me roam the sandy shores of Naples finest. When I return, my first run of labels will be ready. Here is a sneak peak of what is coming:

10-w30 Diesel10w40






And, yes, I know the spacing is wrong on the green labeled, Indonesian coffee. I will have it corrected in the next printing. All coffees will be sold in 12 oz, matte black bags. Bulk sales will be available. Retail, wholesale, office coffee, etc….you name it, I will sell it!

Let’s call this naming approach a marketing experiment. I have a limited number of each of these, so if I decide to trash the idea, I can. Once the website is up and running I will continually update it with the specifics of each current coffee offering. For example, the current 10W-30 or Latin coffe is Colombian “Asociacion Primaveral, Acevedo, Huila.”  The Indonesian will most likely be a “Sumatra Tiger,” the African for now will probably be a naturally processed  Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, either “Kochere” or “Konga.” The decaf will likely be Sumatra and the dark roast will be my own “secret” blend!

Enough “business talk.” That’s not really what this blog is about. Back to the beach!





One thought on “One Step Closer

  1. Love the concept behind both the brand and the labels. I expect them to be a hit with today’s coffee drinking demographic. You can put me down for a bag of Unleaded for sure. Can you describe the flavor profile of your Diesel? (I’m always interested in proprietor blends)

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