Patience is not my Virtue

I am a restless soul. I hate to be stagnant. I love motion. I spent many years of my life working in 6 feet of space on an assembly line. One of my coworkers said I was like a lion in a cage, pacing back and forth. I am not a patient man. I’m ready to get moving here. I’m ready to get my first sellable batch of coffee roasted. I’m ready to take delivery of my bags, my diner mugs, t-shirts, etc. I’m ready to plaster  this logo all over the side of the trailer I don’t yet have:MotorheadCoffee_Lightning_Logo_130407_2Lori and I took a drive yesterday in the beautiful Kentucky countryside. We stopped by my friends shop, Lagrange Coffee Roasters. I think he is ready to roll too. It is his shop and his machine I will will be launching from.

I can’t wait to be totally engulfed in the coffee roasting business again. My last business was launched for fun. I plan to have just as much fun this time, but I have larger goals in mind. In the end, Motorhead Coffee will likely be the product of another enterprise: Black Sheep Roasting logo_hi res jpgI even bought a new pair of “Wayfarers” just match the Sheep! So keep watching, keep reading and hang on just a little bit longer; Motorhead Coffee is on its way…promise.




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