The Real Deal

I grew up in the “house of pie.” For as long as I can remember, my mother has been baking pies, cakes and other sweets. I don’t mean once in a while; I’m talking daily. At 86, she still bakes pies every week. She infected me with this “baking gene” when I was young. At one point I came very close to attending a culinary school to become a pastry chef. Instead, I grabbed some books and learned to make phyllo dough, danish pastry, puff pastry, bread of all kinds, and of course, pie dough.

I rarely bake anymore, as my family will attest, but I have never lost my love for handcrafted doughy goodness. Yes, I have a sweet tooth; I inherited it! Over the course of time, many of the old time bakeries have disappeared. They are getting harder and harder to come by. Fortunately for me, Louisville still has some real bakeries. Just yesterday, we took my daughter and son-in-law to Nords for some awesome donuts. The line was out the door, but it was worth the wait!

Another place we stopped at recently, was Plehn’s. Here is what we were greeted with:

IMG_1378IMG_1379IMG_1377That place is the “real deal!”




3 thoughts on “The Real Deal

  1. No doubt about it! Our mother’s were the “baking queens of Indiana!” Never met a pie I didn’t love…well, maybe raisin or mince meat!

    By the way, I still dream of your mom’s hush puppies. Great food and great memories.

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