Step One Underway

I paid a visit last weekend to my friend Chris, who owns LaGrange Coffee Roasters. Chris has a really nice shop over in LaGrange where he often hosts bluegrass bands. He also has a nice, red 5 kilo US Roasters coffee roaster sitting in his shop. us roastersChris has been generous enough to allow me to begin my reentry to the business by using his machine. This is a huge help and I really owe him.

The last time I launched, I started out with a 2 kilo machine and I outgrew it quickly. I was roasting day and night to keep up with a growing demand and I had to upgrade to a 10 kilo quickly. By starting out on this machine, I have the opportunity to see where the business leads before I make a purchase. Also, it means I don’t have to rent a facility until I have enough work that I have become too much of an intrusion. It is my hope that, together, Chris and I can create a mutually beneficial arrangement.

I didn’t ask Chris for permission, so I won’t post any pictures of his shop or logo here until I do, but if you are a Facebook member, become of fan of the shop. And if you are ever near the LaGrange area, be sure and stop in at LaGrange Coffee Roasters and say, “Hi” to Chris. Tell him Shep sent you!




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