Technology Meets Simplicity

Even though I have a very nice Technivorm coffee maker tucked away in the pantry, I have not used a typical, electric drip coffee maker in a long time. After years as a coffee geek and running a roasting shop, I have accumulated a plethora of coffee gadgets. I don’t have one of everything…I have two or three!

For example, my wife has this very nice cabinet in the house:

IMG_1365Guess what’s inside?IMG_1362

And, another cabinet literally full of coffee brewing and drinking devices:IMG_1364

And if that was not enough, I just bought this one:IMG_1358

It is a simple Hario V60 pour over with a nice acrylic stand. I already had a double serve bar version. However, what makes this one sweet is the built in scale/timer. It will weigh the water to help me get the proper brewing ratio. It also has a timer that allows me to better gauge and control extraction time…technology meets simplicity…just don’t ask what this simple little toy cost! P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” I guess I’m the coffee sucker!




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