I Must Be Crazy

Like most guys, I like cars. However, I’m much more of a bike guy. Very few cars really get me excited. My old 325i was probably the most enjoyable car I ever owned. My wife is tooling around in a BMW 1 these days and I admit to enjoying my time behind the wheel. In my quest to pursue the idea of mobilizing Motorhead Coffee, I have been looking at tow vehicles. I currently drive a small car and I need something with some towing capacity. I’ve looked at all sorts of practical and impractical vehicles. I’ve liked several of them, nearly made deals on two of them, but in the end, I was able to walk away without a second thought…until yesterday.

I made the mistake of stopping off at the Land Rover, Porsche, Audi lot on my way home yesterday. I stopped to look at a used Lexus GX470 that seemed to be fairly priced. It also has a generous towing capacity My intent was to see the Lexus and go, but my wife (who is admittedly car crazy), made a direct beeline path to the used Porsches. I should have known. Jokingly, I said, “We could buy a used Cayenne for a tow vehicle; they have plenty of capacity.” I saw her eyes light up in the reflection of the Caymen she was drooling over! I turned to look at the Cayenne I was standing next to and was surprised to discover it was a very affordable (highly depreciated), one owner, local trade. Damn! Here comes the salesman. Now, I told you, I’m a bike guy. I don’t get that excited about cars. But this is a Porsche. “Would you like to drive it?” Well, of course I would! We climbed in and off we went, with the salesmen behind the wheel, taking curves so fast, I would have been scraping pegs on my Street Triple. Next it was my turn. I have absolutely  no idea where I was, where I drove to or how I got back to the dealer. I think I spent the entire time staring at the Porsche logo, the sand beige interior and muttering the words, “triptronic, Bose, embossed leather.” And when the phrase, “$200 oil change” came up, I just let the words “340 horse power” roll off my tongue!

Smitten? Yes, I admit it. The same way Ducati or MV Augusta smite me and “Honda” doesn’t. Practical? Hell no. Exciting? Absolutely. So here are the two most recent candidates for the Motorhead Tow Vehicle:

IMG_1355The big question here is: “What is Camron Red Metallic?” Sometimes it looks blood red, then Plum, then Burgundy. Not sure what I think of that. On the other hand, one of the most enjoyable motorcycles I ever had was a BMW 1150GS that I called, “The Big Ugly.” Once I swung a leg over that thing and twisted the throttled, I couldn’t care less what color it was.

The Lexus was equally nice. Of course, I’m fully aware that the Porsche is impractical and the Lexus is much more than necessary. Does any of that matter to me? Not at the moment! Am I going to buy one of these two beasts? Who knows. The biggest problem with the Porsche is, what color trailer could I buy that would not clash with “Camron Red Metallic?!”





2 thoughts on “I Must Be Crazy

  1. In response to your previous post, A, B, E, D (In that order). (Sorry to comment using a different post, but it wouldn’t allow access)

  2. Ha! Hey Tom, great to hear from you. I think it wouldn’t allow because I removed that post as quick as I put it up, deciding to just wait and unveil a new logo. I chose A…and B! A will be the main logo but I can see B working very well on the side of a trailer or as a simple bag logo, so I bought them both! I also have another logo to show for a different direction from a different graphic artist. Probably post them up tomorrow. Take care.

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