Question Everything

Things are starting to come together quickly for Motorhead Coffee. I’ve been down this road before and I know what comes next. It is the time that I start to question everything. “Am I crazy? Is this a bad idea? Am I ready to go back to working 90 hours a week? How bad do I want this? Wouldn’t I rather spend my days relaxing by the pool? Can I make it work this time? Am I wasting my time and money? Who even cares whether they drink bad coffee or good coffee? Is this particular approach a clever niche concept that will succeed wildly or is it so narrow it will fall on its face?” And the big question: “What roaster should I end up buying?”

I am in the middle of working out a deal with a friend to launch the business by renting his machine until I have a home for my own machine. He roasts on a 5 kilo US Roasters. I have never used one of these before and am looking forward to getting my hands on one. For mobile purposes, there are only two machines I am considering:

A San Franciscan 6lb machine:


Or I could go with a US Roasters 3 Kilo Machine:


I like the fact that both machines are US made. The San Franciscan is a work of art. The US Roasters is more affordable. Both get the job done. Either of these machines would look great on the back of a “roasting trailer.” Which brings me to another question: “If this succeeds, what am I going to do when a little 3 kilo can’t keep up with demand?” Buy a bigger roaster! Did I mention I need a partner?!!

Enough questions for today; my head is beginning to hurt.




2 thoughts on “Question Everything

  1. You had a business plan for B-Town Beans. Do you have one for this business? If you had one would it help to answer your questions? It’s just my opinion, but you’ve always been successful at anything and everything you have ever touched. You’re smart and you’re 100% dedicated in whatever you do. The question is are you prepared to spend the next 5 – 10 years busting your ass working two jobs or is it time to kick back and enjoy life?

    1. All good questions! Yes, I have a plan. However, I always question myself and my plans! When I ran the last business, I had no intention of quitting the day job. This time, I can’t wait to quit the day job! I will be aiming for success I can live on this time around. So, 90 hours for a couple years, then “Goodbye Corporate America!”

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