The Candy Store

One of the great things about moving to Louisville is that now I live close to one of my favorite candy stores…Commonwealth Motorcycles! I stopped by recently and by chance discovered the unveiling of a pretty special delivery. Aside from Ducati, Triumph and KTM, Commonwealth now carries MV Auguasta!




It’s 50 degrees today and I really need a good ride on one of my bikes. I purchased a used BMW RT last fall as a winter bike, but I have not had the opportunity to ride at all. It has been in the shop more than in my possession. First a computer went out and it was a 4 week turnaround. Then, the day I brought it back to the apartment, a storm came along and blew it over. It is in the shop now getting repaired to the tune of $1,800…now I remember why I don’t like bikes with plastic body work! I have got to find a house with a garage.

I don’t know what this blog was or is supposed to be about really; I guess whatever I feel like. Today I’m dreaming bike trips and coffee. Yes, I’m still working toward a reentry into the coffee business…just be patient…I’m getting closer every day. If the stars align, the gods smile and the world doesn’t end in a zombie apocalypse, I plan to have a roaster in my possession before the year’s end.




3 thoughts on “The Candy Store

    1. Yes, they are beautiful. We hardly ever get to Bloomington because we work such crazy schedules. When we do, it is in and out. You are going to have to make a trip down here.

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