If you want it done right…

Guess I’m getting hard to please in my old age. I know there are a couple good roasters in this town but it seems like I can never get my hands on any coffee that I find “exceptional.” I’ve had a couple bags of good Ethiopian and Burundi, but otherwise it has all been very average. I’m also a bit disappointed that I can never seem to buy it as fresh as I would like. I have gone to the shops on “roasting day” and have not been able to buy any coffee roasted on “that day.” Everything on the shelves is a week or more old. I understand why shops have a single day each week that they roast, but I guess all the freshest stuff is going out to their wholesale customers because I’m not seeing it on the shelves.

Since I have become such a difficult customer I can only think of one solution: return to roasting! I always knew I would, but now I am fairly certain it will happen sooner than I had planned. When? Where? How? What capacity? I have no answer to those questions right now, however I have begun window shopping for another roaster and hope to have something by Spring. I may start out with another 2-3 kilo machine and see where it goes. At any rate, I’m looking forward to “smelling the smoke” as my friend Chris says.


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