Apartment Living

It has been 30 years since I lived in an apartment. My wife has never lived in one. I spent my first three months here in Louisville living alone before she joined me. I had a true “bachelor’s pad;” minimal furniture and a fridge with nothing but left over pizza and beer. Now that she has joined me I have a couch, cable television, a table…and actual food!

One of the biggest challenges of moving from a 5 bedroom house to an apartment is what to do with all your stuff. In my case coffee and motorcycle stuff. I rented a storage unit for the motorcycle accessories and the “extra” coffee gadgets. I filled a cabinet in the apartment with the coffee devices I use every week. I also filled a counter with grinders, a scale and coffee.

I sold my Vivaldi II plumb in espresso machine before moving. I have a Vivaldi Mini on its way. I guess I will squeeze it in on the counter somewhere. I might have to rent the apartment next door as my own private coffee bar!

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