Just Like Mom Used To Make

One of the most interesting things about moving to a new town is trying out all the new local restaurants. Louisville has a lot of unique options. In fact, once I moved here I made a list of some of the places I wanted to try. I work very odd hours, so my opportunities to go out are limited. To date I have visited 8 or 9 of the places. One of the most interesting ones is Lynns Paradise Cafe. True to its reputation, Lynn’s is a very eclectic place. I had been craving biscuits and gravy for some time, so when I visited I already had my mind made up what I was going to order.

My mother used to make biscuits and gravy every Sunday. As a kid growing up, a “Sunday Morning Breakfast” was a normal routine. My uncle and a couple of my cousins would usually pop in later in the afternoon just to eat the left over biscuits. Mom’s biscuits were a traditional baking powder biscuit with a twist: yeast thrown in to make them taller and lighter. Dad liked very crusty biscuits, so she always coated the pan in oil to create the crust. We cleverly nicknamed the biscuits “Sunday Morning Biscuits”…told you we were clever! We also called them “Two-story biscuits.”

Once I was seated at Lynn’s, the waitress came out to get my order. She was as enthusiastic as the decor. She offered a few “off the menu” selections as snacks to begin my meal. One item on that list was potato pancakes. Well, I have not had those in years, so I took her up on the suggestion. Little did I know that it was an order large enough to share!

They were delicious. The only downside was that the price matched the size of the order! I can happily report that the biscuits and gravy lived up to the “Mom Shepherd” test. The biscuits were tall, fluffy and had a crunchy crust. The gravy was just right in every way. I give Lynn’s the nod as the best biscuits and gravy I have had in Louisville so far, as well as the most expensive breakfast I have ever eaten!




One thought on “Just Like Mom Used To Make

  1. Shep ,

    I see you’ve updated your blog since I last asked you about your decision to leave Upland. I have been approached by them and it seems they have quite a lot of turn over. I just wanted to get a candid opinion from someone who has recent experience with them.

    Kind regards


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