As has been my practice in recent years, I have neglected this blog lately. I’m not really sure how or why my life has changed so much this year, but it sure has. To sum the events of late, I interviewed for a job as a coffee roaster at Green Mountain. I came across as a jerk and, subsequently, did not get offered a job that I was perfect for. Truth is, I could not have accepted it anyway, which was part of the reason for my jerkish behavior. I did, however, accept a job as packaging manager of Upland Brewing in Bloomington. In the mean time, the company I worked for nearly all my life, offered me a job in Louisville, Ky. It was too promising to turn down, so I took the position, and now I live in Kentucky. I feel like a “sell out.” I’ve been here since April 30th; my wife also took a job with the company and moved down this past Saturday. My short term as a bachelor is over!

I had every intention of forgetting this blog permanently; after all, what do I have to say? For that matter, aren’t blogs rather passe? Well, since I enjoy writing for writing’s sake, I decided to fire up the laptop and go at it again. Living in a new city gives me some new opportunities to explore. Maybe I will share them here. For example:

My favorite motorcycle shop is in Louisville: Commonwealth Motorcycles.
Two of my favorite coffee shops are here: Quills & Sunergos.
I am also discovering some great places to eat, such as Wild Eggs.
I’m not a fan of donuts, but I do like Nord’s Bakery. In fact, I could not resist trying their famous “maple & bacon” donut. Not bad!



One thought on “Change

  1. Why did you leave Upland? Was it only the offer of your previous employer? Just curious…they seem to be expanding as well as hiring!


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