Returning to my roots…literally!

Last week I took my bicycle on my first true mountain bike ride. Being a complete noob to the idea I wisely chose the “easy” trails. The first thing I discovered as I rounded a corner that led me into the woods was that even the easy trail had challenges that made me say, “Whoa!” As the trail followed the rim of a ravine, I realized that a moment’s inattention or sloppiness would send me 20-30 feet down the side of a hill into a rocky creek..ouch. Over the course of the ride I encountered narrow singletrack that a dirtbike would have had trouble navigating, rocks, hairpin turns, drop offs and…roots…lots of big roots. Once I got more familiar with it all, I loosened up and had a great time. I also felt like my helmet and gloves were woefully inadequate…heck, I need a chest protector, shin guards, elbow pads…full motocross gear!

I spent my entire youth riding dirt bikes. I owned several woods bikes and motocross bikes. I have dabbled in dual sport machines ever since. In fact, I really would like to have another Yamaha WR 250 in my garage. I probably should have never sold the one in this photo.

A Happy Garage

I’m starting to think my future might be my past. Talk about returning to your roots!





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