Never too late; never too old

I think I”m a “late bloomer.” There is no other explanation. I can’t blame it on a mid-life crisis; I had that years ago! At my age I am supposed to be settled in and coasting toward the retirement finish line. But I just can’t do it. I refuse to grow old gracefully. I refuse to settle. I refuse to give up on my dreams and extinguish my passions. My body tells me often that I’m getting old. Every time I lie down on the weight bench and grab a couple dumbells, my joints ache and say, “What the hell do you think you are doing?” My co-workers tell me I’m getting old: “You would have to be out of your mind to look for another job or start another business at your age!” Well, call me crazy, because I fully expect to start another coffee business in the not too distant future. I belong standing next to a roaster, clad in jeans and a Johnson Motors T, the unmistakable aroma and allure of freshly roasted coffee spinning in my cooling bin. I don’t plan on giving up on the weights either. Or the motorcycles. I’ve been invited to ride to Alaska this year and if my schedule allows, I will be going. I will be the youngster of the pack. The guy guiding me on the trip will be a young 70 years old!  Call me old if you want but I’m going out swinging. Motorhead Coffee will be back folks, bigger and better than ever…just you wait and see!




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