Road Trip

Looks like I’m about to embark on several disjointed road trips. Heading to Elkhart, IN tomorrow to visit my grandson, then on Sunday we are off to Wilmington, NC for a few days of much needed R & R. While I can’t take the motorcycle, my wife and I are bringing along a couple bicycles to enjoy the roads of Wrightsville Beach. I have to return to Knoxville, TN on Friday for business, then back to Indiana Saturday. On the following Monday morning it is back south to Asheville, NC for the week to engage in some much needed coffee training. I’m taking a cupping class and a barista course…and I hope to play in between! Asheville is one of my favorite cities. I only wish I could bring the Tiger or Street Triple along.I will make up for it by taking my mountain bike and enjoying the unique coffeehouses in Asheville and Black Mountain. In the past, I’ve hung out at The Dripolator, The City Bakery Cafe and my favorite, Izzy’s Coffee Den. How can you not love a place that describes its location as, “Between Hip Replacements and Instant Karma, across from Heiwa Shokudo.” I mean, really!

My life is full of craziness right now. It is both exciting and frightening at the same time. I’m looking forward to the distraction of travel and the opportunity to use the highway as a time to think.




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