Coffee with a Kick

I like coffee just about any way you want to serve it up. My preference is to serve it black, but I drink a cappa a couple times a week also. In the evenings I normally have a double espresso. About this time last year, my wife and I were on vacation in South Beach. I had never been there before and I had more than one new experience while visiting.

My first experience happened when we went to the beach. I had forgotten that South Beach was “clothing optional!” It proved to be an eye-opening experience for both my wife and I. At first it was, “Whoa!” Then it was, “Wow!” Pretty soon my wife was saying, “Look at her!” She even sent me a text when I stayed back at the room one day, telling me, “You’ve got to come out here and see this woman; she’s perfect!” I kid you not. How many wives would do that? Eventually, after a couple days, it became much less of a big deal as we got used to the idea. Especially after the woman directly in front of me proceeded to peel off her entire suit while looking straight at me and replace it with a different pair of bottoms. At that point I figured I’d seen it all…and I had! I never could talk my wife into participating though.

Oh wait, today’s blog is supposed to be about coffee, isn’t it. Uh, yeah, were was I? Knowing I was going to South Beach, I had determined that I was going to sample a cultural coffee drink, Cafe Cubano. Cafe Cubano is basically espresso with an obscene amount of sugar added. Most people make it with a stove top Moka Pot.

Cafe Cubano

We stopped by the News Cafe and it was there that I sampled my first Cafe Cubano. Yikes! Talk about a kick! It was not the espresso that got me; as I said, I drink straight espresso almost daily. It was the sugar. By the end of the week I was hooked on the drink; or maybe I was just addicted to the sugar. In fact, I think it caused me to have hallucinations, because I was sitting at the News Cafe, sipping a Cafe Cubano when I swear I saw this “gentleman” walk by:

Uh, excuse me?

If you want to know what a Cafe Cubano is really like, just hear what comedian Ralphie Mae has to say about it:




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