My Favorite Things

If you are like me, you have some “favorite things.” You know, your go to items, the ones that help make your day, your day. Being a coffee geek, I have several favorite coffee items. For example, I’m using this Hario server as a receptacle for my morning coffee. The pourover is a Kalita Wave and right now I’m using a Bonavita kettle that I got from Prima Coffee.

My current pourover setup

I have a cabinet full of pourover devices; in fact, here is my favorite cabinet…jammed full of nothing but coffee gadgets!

a coffee lover's treasure chest

Although I have a kitchen cabinet full of coffee mugs, my favorite one is this little 5 ounce, double-walled glass cup from Bodum.

I don't want my coffee mug to be "supersized!"

I like glass because it doesn’t add or take anything away from the drink. The double-walled design keeps my coffee hot, and for me, the hotter the better. In fact, that is one of the reasons I prefer a small mug. Oh, by the way, that is my favorite computer in the photo as well; I’ve been a Mac user since 1989.

While I’m at it, here are my two favorite motorcycles:

Triumph Street Triple R
Triumph Tiger 800










They are my favorites because they are the ones that are in my garage right now!

No favorite post would be complete without a photo of my favorite grandson. I can say that because he is my only grandson!

"Come on Grandpa. I'll Drive!"






That’s a few of my favorite things. What are yours?




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