WARPed & Screamin’ Beavers!

(I revived this blog for my fly and ride trip but have decided to keep it going for…as long as I can keep it going!)

For a lot of us riders there really is no “motorcycle season.” Many of us don heated clothing and ride year round. However, the warm spring days we have been having lately are a signal to get that bike out of the garage and start pounding the asphalt. It is also time for some exciting motorcycle events. No, I’m not talking about Bike Week. That already happened. I’m not talking about Sturgis either. No, I’m talking about WARPed and the Screami’n Beaver Rally! What? Never heard of them. Maybe this will help: WARPed stands for, “The VI Annual Western ADV Rider Party & Endurance Drinking Trip.” It will take place April 23-25 in Kernville, Ca and Motorhead Coffee will be there! Okay, so I won’t be there, but my coffee will be. In fact, we will be giving away gift certificates and providing the daily brew for attendees.

On April 30 – May 2 in  Murphy, NC will be the home of the Scream’n Beaver Dual Sport Ride. Again, Motorhead Coffee will be there to warm your bones. I’m not sure yet, but I might even show up for this event! If I do, however, the GS is not going trail riding!

The most likely reason you have never heard of these less famous (but more “infamous!”) rallies is that you are not familiar with one of the best motorcycle forums on the web ADV Rider. Do yourself a favor and check it out. The Ride Report section has some stunning photography and enjoyable tales of world travel. Be careful when you reach the bottom of the page, however, Jo Momma is a rough crowd!


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