Short Man in a Tall World

Well, the new girl broke her promise. She spit me off in the hotel parking lot this morning. My fault, of course. I would never have attempted to take off on my cold-natured Duc without warming it up first. I jumped on the Beemer this morning, fired it up and immediately pulled away and slightly to the right. It went about 4 feet, coughed and died. It lurched hard to the right and spat me on the ground post haste! Pretty embarrassing. I have not dropped a bike in a while. I had an 1150 GS which was heavier, that I never dropped once. No real damage, other than some ugly marks on the head where the engine guards would have been had I had any!

Such is life as a short guy. I choose to ride tall bikes because…well, because I don’t like cruisers! Everything else is tall. I especially like adventure bikes. I love the new GS, so I suppose it is just going to have to get used to me! It’s really not that heavy…unless it is falling on you! I have never allowed my height to stop me from riding whatever bike I wanted. I’m not going to let it stop me now. I have a lower seat coming and I might employ a few other tricks, but mainly I am just going to have to get used to tall bikes again.

My father-in-law is planning on riding the bike on parts of the Continental Divide later this year and maybe to Alaska. I told him I was just breaking it in for him!

Oops! That hurt!



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