Life in Motion

I tend to be the hyperactive type. I am not good at standing still. I don’t even like to sit down to eat! I suppose if you count our school work, my wife and I work about 80 to 90 hours a week. We have been doing it for years. While we occasionally complain about it, take it away and we get bored quickly. I tried to think back to my childhood and remember if I was always this way. I don’t think so. For some reason, my case of the jitters has come on later in life.

Maybe this is one of the reasons I enjoy motorcycle riding so much. I like motion. I love the freedom of running down the road that riding gives me. Everything from the ballet like movements of the bike on a twisty road to the smell of fresh cut grass in the spring. It is the little things and unique moments that make it so memorable. I got on the bike yesterday morning, turned onto the highway and had my iPod set on random play. Moments later, Lynyrd Skynyrd filled my helmet with these fitting lyrics:

I’m headed down a highway got a suitcase by my side

Love The Ducs!

Blue skies hangin’ over my head I got 500 miles to ride
I’m goin’ down to Memphis town to play a late night show
I hope the people are ready there ’cause the boys are all ready to go

Well, I’m a whiskey rock-a-roller
That’s what I am
Women, whiskey and miles of travellin’
Is all I understand

I was born a travellin’ man and my feets do burn the ground
I don’t care for fancy music if your shoes can’t shuffle around
I got a 100 women or more and there’s no place I call home
The only time I’m satisfied is when I’m on the road

Fitting. I may not care for whiskey or plan to head to Memphis, and no Lori (my wife), I promise I don’t have 100 women, but I sure get that last line: “The only time I’m satisfied is when I’m on the road.” My wife often calls me the most restless man she ever met. Can’t help it. I have fought the urge to run my entire life. At age 49, I’m still fighting. My mother insists if I had been able to escape back when I tried at age 19, I would have spent my life traveling. At least when I get on the bike and point it down the road, I can pretend I did.



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