Still Rolling

Just a quick recap of the day, as I am trying to get my Econ homework done! The day started off on the wrong foot. I headed to the bike and plugged in my brand new Gerbing jacket to the BMW power outlet. It did not work. I had not even tried the jacket since I purchased it to replace my old one. Considering it was about 45 degrees and cloudy, I sure could have used it. I hit the road, and sorry to say, ended up having a protein bar for breakfast. Hey, old habits die hard! The good news is that I took the time to brew some fresh Kona at a rest park. This time I brewed it in my Nissan Backpack Thermos. It is great. It keeps the coffee very hot for hours, has a one-finger opening and a drinking spout so you can drink straight from the bottle. Nice product.

Backpack Thermos

Things got better as the day went on. I am completely in love with the new GS. The new girl and I have come to an agreement. She won’t fall on me when I stop and I have agreed not to stop! Final thought for the day: “keep moving…life is best enjoyed at speed!”



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