Morning Brew

I enjoyed a nice cup of Kona this morning in my hotel room, thanks to my Jet Boil and a plastic Hario pourover.

Jet Boil and a pourover make great coffee!

After that, I headed downtown to 5th Avenue Coffee in Naples where I met my father-in-law Gary and Jim for more coffee. I am heading to Gary’s house now to see about mounting a tail box on this bike, then I plan to head toward home about noon. There is a light, but steady rain right now and looks like it will last a while and gets heavier in norther Florida. I don’t mind riding in the rain though and really need to get back to catch up on work, so I’ll just have to break this bike in right! I’m afraid it won’t be good photo weather, but when I get to a room this evening, probably around Valdosta, Ga, I’ll check back in. I need to stop early enough to catch up on some work that I have been neglecting. Time to run. We’ll talk later.



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