Dear BMW, I Missed You!

Well, by now I have had a few miles and various weather conditions to get acquainted with the new GS. I left late today and ended up riding about 400 miles before I stopped for the night. My day began with a steady light rain then turned to sunshine and 70 degrees. I knew that was too good to last, however, as the final hour of the day was spent in a fairly heavy rain accompanied by about 54 degrees. Pretty lousy picture weather, so I’ll show you a picture of the lovely hotel room I am staying in instead!

I purchased my first Beemer, a 1998 R1100RT, back in 98 and spent the next 5 or 6 years riding RT and GS bikes. Being a small guy, I got a little tired of the weight, so I went to Ducati. Love the Ducs. I have had very good luck with Ducati, but I started getting the itch for another GS. When I first picked it up, I have to confess that I thought I had made a mistake. It was tall and heavy and a little awkward. My Multi was just as tall, but had a narrower profile and weighs about 100lbs or so less. It also places the rider right at the front of the machine, where the GS has a lot of bike in front of the rider. It did not take me long, however, to grow accustomed the all things BMW. It was like coming home. I soon discovered how well balanced this beast is. Now, after a day of riding it, I have come to appreciate anew the value of this machine. Due to my schedule, I have had to slab my way home. The bike is very stable…like a rock compared to my Multi. It offered me considerably better weather protection and the heated grips, well, they rock! My last GS, an 1150, was a mile eater. I racked up about 32,000 miles in two years on that machine and kept myself in the top ten of the Rounder’s inaugural winter riding contest for most of the event. This bike seems to be even better suited for my style of riding. I can’t wait to find out!



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