Day 1 Recap

I’m back in my hotel room after a long day. My flight departed at 7:05 this morning and was pretty uneventful, with the exception of the guy sitting next to me who was drinking way too much way too early. My faather-in-law and his friend Jim picked me up at the airport and we went straight to the Fort Myers BMW shop. After some time spent signing forms, writing checks and going over the bike, I was ready to head out. Being a short guy, I had ordered a Sargent Low Seat, hoping to get a slightly better foothold. It arrived at the shop just before we pulled out. We installed it and, much to my displeasure, I discovered it did not get me any closer to the ground than the stock BMW seat. In fact, the BMW low seat got me closer. Oh well, the seat looks good and feels good, so I’ll keep it.

My first ride on the bike was about 45 minutes, including two lane and Interstate (hey, its Florida!). After maybe a couple hours in the saddle, here are my thoughts as compared to the Multistrada:

The bike feels much larger than the Multi…because it is!

The seat height is similar, but the weight and width of the bike make it feel more awkward to me.

Having had several Beemers before, I am remembering that they all felt this way to me.

The Multi is easier to manuever at low speeds, but once underway, the big Beener is a pleasure to ride.

More hp than my old 1150.

Overall, it is just going to take me some time to adjust to the touchy brakes, weight and seat height. Once I have a few miles under my belt I think I will really appreciate the this bike as a stellar traveler.

I’ll leave you with a couple pics. The big guy is my father-in-law. I’m the little bald guy. Take care.



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