My Old Friend

DSCF1639It isn’t even gone yet and I’m already getting sentimental. I’m talking about my garage companion for the past 3 years, my Ducati Multistrada. As of right now, it is a long way from being sold, but it is for sale, something I thought I would never do. You have to understand that normally I trade bikes every year or two. I have made it a personal goal (obsession?) to own as many different bikes as I can. The Multi, however, has found a place in my heart. I have no real desire to see it go. It has easily been the most versatile and enjoyable bike I have ever owned. If it does not sell, I will not be crushed. Funny but true, the most difficult bikes for me to let go of have all been Ducatis. I suppose there is just something about the presence of a bright red Duc. It is like an exotic car; it may not always be practical, but it sure looks good in your garage!

Sitting here this morning, a John Hiatt song came to mind: “My old friend, you make me feel young again.” I’m a long way from young, but the older I get the more I am drawn to these “young men’s” bikes. I guess I should be looking at Goldwings and Trikes, but instead I am heading to Louisville in the morning with my friend Matt to demo a Triumph Sprint, a sport touring bike that is considerably more sport than tour. It reminds me of a time I was riding the back roads of Virginia and came across an BMW K bike rider running the mountains quite aggressively. We saw one another and stopped to talk. He took off his helmet, and much to my surprise, revealed a gray headed “older” gentleman. My kind of guy!

Soon I might find myself the owner of my very first Triumph. Or, I might just hang on to my old friend a little longer. I’ll keep you posted.


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