Moto Lust

I am sick. And it appears to be terminal. I have a disease for which there is no cure…and frankly, I’m not looking for one! I am victim to a Street Triple Rlifelong case of Moto Lust! When I was 7 years old and riding a 5hp Briggs mini bike, I wanted a Honda with a clutch. When I got the SL 70, I wanted an SL 100. After that, I wanted a 250 dual sport, a motocross 125, then a cruiser, then a Goldwing, then a sportbike and on it went. When I was older, I was desperate to own a BMW. I owned 5. Then I had to hav a Ducati. I’ve had 3. At 49, it has not weakened in severity. In fact, I have come to live with it, expect it and even embrace it. I love motorcycles and I have a “need” for a new one ever two or three years. I have had the Multistrada for 3 years. I just bought a DR 650, but that doesn’t count! So, what bike do I have the hots for right now? You’re looking it at! I plan to buy a Street Triple R if it kills me! I’ve logged a few hundred miles on one and absolutely love the thing. All I need is money! It is fully justifiable too. After all, I have never owned a Triumph!

My father-in-law is also suffering from this same disease. We are working together to turn his BMW LT & Cruiser, along with my DR into a 1200GS. That should keep us happy…until the next outbreak!



One thought on “Moto Lust

  1. Check out this video..I’m a motorcycle freak / Coffee addict…don’t leave home without it. Now I HAVE TO order some of your coffee, instead of using Maxwellcrap.


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