End of the Road

I’m down in Naples, Florida right now enjoying a little beach time with the family. We were at a party last night and “Larry the Shark Hunter” invited me to take a ride to Key West this week. He is a Wing rider and I have access to a BMW Cruiser. It is about a 5 hour ride and one that I have always wanted to take. I will be back in both September and October and told him I might take a rain check until then. I suggested it was a little too hot right now for the ride. He said, “And I thought you were a real biker!” Point taken. I have to admit that I prefer to ride in the cold over the heat. Someone else at the party explained by telling Larry that I am an ATGATT type. In fact, I don’t even have a pair of shoes with me! For the past two years I have been very busy with school and work. I promised myself that this is the year I am going to get my riding groove back. So far, so good. If I decide to not be such a wuss and head to Key West this week, you’ll be the first to know!



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