Saddle Up!

There are few things in life that really turn me on. One of them is riding my motorcycle, especially when the destination is beyond the usual confines of my normal riding region. Another passion that gets me moving is coffee. Recently, I have been combining the two interests into one. I pack my bike with a Jet Boil, some water, ground coffee, a pour over and a cup. Rather than taking along a thermos of coffee that degenerates in flavor as it sits, I just pull off at some tranquil location and brew up a fresh cup.

I am a coffee roaster by profession and a motorcycle enthusiast since birth. This blog is an effort to share my interests in the most natural way…the written word. Writing is the final piece of the puzzle that makes up who I am. Passion for the written word is the reason this page hangs in time and space. So, follow along as I share my two-wheeled adventures, ideals and dreams. Have coffee – will travel. Saddle up!



One thought on “Saddle Up!

  1. I’m real interested in this one cup coffee idea. On our next trip to B-town, or your next trip to the mountains could you explain it to me?

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